On 13th of June, INMEWO and Erasmus Huis, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, collaborated on a spectaculair cultural program, the Gala concert of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra  during the official of the Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb.

The orchestra performance in Jakarta was the final concert of the Orchestra’s Asia tour. For this concert Culture and Economy went hand in hand as the orchestra traveled together with the Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb, who conducted an official visit to Jakarta. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra filled the stage with eighty-five (85) musicians and solo violinist Rosanne Philippens led by conductor Antony Hermus.

The concert hall was full with audience from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the city government of Jakarta and Rotterdam, business-relations invited by ‘Van Oord’, ‘Port of Rotterdam’ & ‘Rotterdam Partners’. These three companies who are part of the visit delegation are also the main sponsors of this cultural event.

On the initiative of the Mayor of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra hundreds of classical music lovers from music schools; art, music and cultural faculties from several universities; and other music communities were invited by the organizing committee to join the concert. These music students and classical music lovers were offered free entrance to stimulate and emphasize cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Indonesia.

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra also organized an open rehearsal, masterclasses and a mini concert which were visited by many music students and classical music lovers.

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra received a lot of praise from the audience on social media: “The music that stirs the heart and stimulates the emotions”, “I’m blown away by their performance tonight”, “It’s such a beautiful concert”, “Goosebumps” , “Heavens Symphony “,” They nailed it, captured the emotion and spirit of the song “,” It’s a rare opportunity to be able to hear an international scale orchestra. So grateful. So Inspiring. “.